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Beginning Karate
PHED 1113
Beginning Karate PHED 1113
is a
10-week course. This
course can be taken to meet
physical education (PE)
elective requirements for
1 credit hour.
This course is
offered in the spring
and fall.

Course Description
An introduction to traditional
Japanese karate (Shotokan
style); punching, blocking,
kicking, sweeping, throwing,
falling and striking as a highly
effective means of self-
defense, an invigorating total
body exercise, and an exciting
competitive sport for those
who are interested.

Course Objectives
• overall fitness
• basic blocking and punching
• basic kicking and striking
• basic
kata (formal exercises)
• basic sparring
• basic self-defense

• sweeping and throwing
open & closed hand striking
• proper etiquette
• develop self-confidence
improve concentration
instill a positive attitude
academic achievement

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Course Instructor
David Gomez is the senior
of the Georgia
Academy, Inc., with
30 years experience.
He is
also part of the
Executive Committee of the
JKA Karate
- International.

The Georgia Karate
Academy, Inc.

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Beginning Karate PHED 1113

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