Purpose and Mission Statements

The Georgia Karate Academy, Inc. (GKA) is an affiliate club of the American JKA Karate Association–International (AJKAI). Our purpose as a martial arts club is twofold:

  1. The GKA Karate program is designed to promote good health, sport, and self-defense while focusing on character building values.
  2. To maintain the standard of quality established for Shotokan Karate as set forth by the American JKA Karate Association–International.

As an American JKA Karate Association–International affiliate club our mission is:

  1. To build a complete system which will teach you the techniques you need to defend yourself quickly and effectively in threatening situations.
  2. To provide one on one and group instruction in every class.
  3. To provide the BEST professional karate school in the area.
  4. To develop an environment which will enable each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater skill.
  5. To seek new and innovative ways of teaching karate without breaking centuries of tradition.

As an independent local club, the GKA strives:

  1. To build students who are strong in body and in spirit by providing a traditional karate training experience without eastern dogma and/or mysticism.

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