Self-defense Courses for Women, Teens, Adults,
Private Businesses, Civic and Local Organizations

Self-defense Course Curriculum
The Georgia Karate Academy, Inc.
offers a 10-week self-defense
program three times a year.
Shorter weekend courses are
also given throughout the year.
Private self-defense courses can
be arranged for businesses and
independent organizations.

All self-defense courses offer a
variety of basic karate related skills
with two primary objectives,
awareness and avoidance as
common sense solutions to
potentially dangerous situations.

Self-defense courses explore two
specific areas, thinking processes
and escaping tactics. Some of the
topics covered included:

Hands-on Tactics
• escaping holds
• escaping chokes
• ground defenses
• striking options
• reacting to weapons
• non-conventional weapons
• reacting to multiple assailants
• your body, your weapon

 Thought Processes
• predator thinking
• victim thinking
• victim selection
• date rape
• acquaintance rape
• body language
• safety thinking
• safety tips
• verbal strategies
• controlling fear
• controlling panic
• assertiveness
• limits of force
• “what if” scenarios

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The Georgia Karate
Academy, Inc.

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P.O. Box 1545
Watkinsville, Georgia 30677

Studio Location
16 North Main Street
Downtown Watkinsville,
Georgia 30677

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Self-defense Courses

The Georgia Karate Academy, Inc.,
serving Oconee County, Athens-Clarke County,
and the surrounding Counties
since 1995.

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