May 1998 - Training is More Important Than Testing
An overview of common misunderstandings when testing for rank in the Martial Arts.

July 1998 - Connection to Karate Techniques are Vital
A look at what makes a technique more than just movement of limb and body.

November 1998 - Water and Exercise
A Look at the Importance of Drinking Water

November 1998 - Women in Karate
From a Women's Point of View

November 1998 - From the Art of Karate to Reality
Thoughts on the Ultimate Purpose for Training - Self Defense

March 1999 - Karate Is Not a Seasonal Sport, It's a Perpetual Study of the Martial Arts
Insights Into Traditional Training and Present Day Sport/Competition Karate

March 2000 - Proper Fist Alignment is An Absolute Must!
An Overview of the Principles of a "Straight Fist"

June 2001 - Essential Shotokan: The "How-To" Karate Teaching Series
A Must Read for all Traditional Shotokan Karateka

September 2002 - Is Karate Really For Everybody?
A Look at the Influence of Karate Participation Today Versus Yesteryear

July 2003 - Unbalancing the Center of Gravity of an Opponent: An Exploration of Sweeping Techniques and Their Application
First 2 Chapters of Thesis Submitted for 4th Dan Evaluation
(the complete thesis is available for $19 - contact for details).

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