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Links to Other Shotokan Sites, Instructional Materials, and Various Types of Martial Arts Clubs

American JKA Karate Association: Information
Shotokan Karate Magazine: Shotokan Karate only magazine
KUGB Shotokan Karate: Great Shotokan Karate in Great Britain
Karate the Japanese Way by Mark Groenewold: Super Website About Present Day Karate Training in Japan
American Shotokan Karate Alliance:A Midwestern Shotokan Organization run by Randall Hassell; Writer, Historian, and American Shotokan Pioneer
Damashi.com:Traditional Karate Books and Video Training Source
Essential-Shotokan:The 'How-To' Karate Video Teaching Series
Aikido of Evansville:A Club Dedicated to Traditional Aikido
Classic Martial Arts Club:An AJKA karate club that also offers a variety of different traditional martial arts

Other Links of Interest

Welcome: The Christian Research Institute: Good place to research cults, the christian faith and salvation in Christ
Calvary Chapel Homepage: Quality Bible Exposition/Teaching Based Church
Lanny’s Christianity Page : A Shotokan Instructor’s Christian Testimony Page